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Skin- Tightening

Skin-Tightening treatment is an active response to client needs, which are always in demand for a faster and effective treatment.


skin instantly tightens and contacts, so the results are seen immediately. final results can be seen after 6-8 weeks.


Unlike conventional surgery, skin tightening treatments do not have the following consequences such as anesthesia, seams, swelling, long term recovery, etc .


Prices from £100


Application of the fibroblast treatment


Healing progress of the skin tightening upper lid treatment

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Before and After

The Skin-Tightening treatment uses small electrical arch. When the electrical arch - touches the skins surface the heat widens the pores, subsequetly transferred into the layer which contains fibroblast cells. The result is contraction and tightening of the skin cells.


Even though skin layers get damaged by the arch in a controlled manor they do not burn off and importantly there is no open wound during the healing phase. This approach reduces the risk of side effects such as scaring, infection and loss of pigmentation ect.