Hair &Beauty Salon

At Aristocuts you can completely change your look with Great Lengths Hair Extensions. Our trained, experienced extentionists can lengthen or thicken your hair and with specialist cutting techniques, blend them naturally with your own hair.


Great length hair extensions are

Kind to the hair and scalp,

Virtually undetectable by sight or touch,

can be styled, curled, straightened and professionally coloured to create the perfect look,

look and feel as natural as your own hair,

with no glue used in this system.


Great lengths are committed to sourcing their hair 100% ethically and are calling for a national standard for all hair extension companies.




Our team of stylists are highly trained in Paul Mitchell colours and advanced techniques. Whether you are looking for some express colouring, adding freshness to an exsisting colour or natural hair, or more advanced colour correction, our team are ready to help.


Here at Aristocuts Victoria, has studied hair and scalp problems in great detail, allowing us to offer help in the different types of hair loss, baldness, scaling problems that can occur, and can advise on the non-medical treatment of these.

Most problems seen are;


- Excessive loss of hair, thinning hair, patches of baldness, or hair breakage,

- Scaling problems - either in patches or over the entire scalp,

- Excessive oiliness and/or itching of the scalp.

What to expect?

During the initial consultation Victoria will determine what the problem is, using her knowledge and experience to deeper analyse the hair and scalp to recommend the relevant treatment. When the problem has been recognised you will be told what treatment would be beneficial. If necessary she will recommend you to visit your GP. She will advise you of the best and most effective methods availiable to you.


100% Human Hair Extensions from £127

Hair and Scalp

Human Hair Wig Styling and Colouring


The art of cutting, styling and colouring requires an amount of experience in the hairdressing sector.

Victoria has aquired this experience and passion to be able to create a modern style using her specialised cutting and colouring techniques.

for advice and a consulatation please call or email Aristoucts

Price is personalised to each individual client.

                                                                                                                  Master Stylist                    New Generation Stylist


Wet Cut                                                                             from £31.50                                               from  £24.50

Cut & Blowdry                                                                           £46.75                                                         £38.75

Reshape Cut & Blowdry                                                            £50.00                                                         £42.00

Restyle Cut & Blowdry                                                              £55.00                                                          £47.00

Blowdry                                                                                     £24.75                                                          £24.75

Long Hair Blowdry                                                                    £34.50                                                          £34.50

Long Hair-Up                                                                            £52.00                                                          £52.00

Wet cut prices are subject to change if a reshape or restyle is undertaken, your stylist can give you an accurate price upon consultation.


Cut & Blowdry                                                                           £24.50                                                          £21.50

Wet Cut                                                                                     £21.00                                                          £17.00

Clipper Cut                                                                                £13.00                                                          £11.00




Girls Wet Cut                                                                    from £24.50                                                  from £20.50

Girls Cut & Blowdry                                                          from £35.75                                                  from £29.75

Boys Wet Cut                                                                   from £17.50                                                  from £12.50

5yrs & Under                                                                             £12.50                                                          £10.50

Prices vaild Monday-Thursday only. Prices are subject to change if a reshape or restyle is undertaken, your stylist can give you an accurate price upon consultation.      


Chemical Services

Partial Roots                                                                    from £42.00                                                     from £42.00

Roots                                                                               from £63.00                                                     from £63.00

Full Head Colour                                                             from £70.00                                                     from £70.00

Semi Permanent                                                             from £47.00                                                     from £47.00

Top Foils                                                                         from £59.00                                                     from £59.00

Half Head Foils                                                               from £75.00                                                     from £75.00

Full Head Foils                                                                from £90.00                                                     from £90.00



Body perm                                                                      from £67.50

Goldwell                                                                          from £70.00

Acid perm                                                                        from £87.50

Top Perm                                                                        from £55.00

All prices are inclusive of a blowdry and are subject to change depending of the amount of product used; your stylist can give you an accurate price upon consultation.




Non chemical straightening                                                         

Long                                                  from £175.00

Medium                                             from £135.00

Short                                                 from £110.00                                                      

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